Telecom Equipment Repairs

Screamer Electronic Services is the largest, independent, specialist Telecommunications equipment repairer in Africa and the second biggest in the world. As a specialist telecoms engineering business, Screamer Electronic Services can repair virtually any Telecoms equipment. Screamers Engineers can reverse engineer most equipment configurations and decompile object code to provide a full repair and upgrade service in 1 to 2 months of receiving a commission to support a technology. Screamer currently have work instructions to over 750 000 items of Telecoms equipment. Click here to see some of the equipment types we repair.

Screamer ES offers test and repairs to base station and digital electronic equipment including Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia Siemens as well repairs to microwave and multi-vendor electronic optical transmission equipment

Independent repairers like Screamer are more often than not used by Service Providers to halve their maintenance costs and reduce their dependence of the OEM’s so that they:-

  • have the power to decide when equipment is obsoleted
  • shorten Turnaround Times
  • increase Warranty periods
  • lower MTBF’s (Mean Time Between Failures) and
  • lower UTR (uneconomical to repair) volumes

However OEM’s themselves are now using Screamer because of the Economies of Scale that Screamer brings to the party by repairing multiple OEM’s equipment and thereby reducing the OEM’s internal overheads. Because Screamer is based in South Africa many OEM’s use Screamer to support their product on the African continent.

Service Providers are waking up to the fact that even though the equipment they purchase comes with a warranty period they are paying for it one way or another. In other words they now have an option to negotiate substantial discounts to their SPMS or Licence fees because they have Screamer as an option to independently support their equipment. Screamer Electronic Services can help to mitigate the risks and costs associated with sustaining traditional technologies by electronics repairs to keep equipment and networks functioning at capacity.

Screamer Electronic Services have an Electronics Repair Division that operates two state-of-the-art electronic repair centres in South Africa catering for customers’ repair requirements in the local and international market. These centres are situated in Cape Town and Pretoria and we also have offices in the USA and the United Kingdom to focus on the overseas market.

All repairs are conducted to OEM specifications and under strict standards applicable to our ISO 9001: 2008 certification as well as PCR and NOSA certifications. A number of 1st line support and screening centres around South Africa, ensure world beating turnaround-times translating into lower stock levels and improved customer service for our customers. This coupled with the fact that repairs are conducted in South Africa and that local repair rates, lower transport and insurance costs make for a very attractive option.

Fast and flexible board repair service at a substantial discount to original vendor pricing. Tailored “sustain support” programmes that do just that — provide an operator with just what is needed to sustain traditional technologies for a further number of years — a service that is increasingly either not available at all from original equipment vendors as the “end of life” systems, or is available but at increasingly uneconomic pricing.

Network optimisation reviews to rationalise capacity and provide the capability to meet short-term or hot-spot growth. Sourcing of used equipment to maintain capacity and prolong current asset life.

Based on our experience over the last 17 years we have saved many a customer huge costs and reduced their turn-around times substantially where Customers have worked with us on projects typically to develop capability in supporting their equipment. We offer a full 6-month warranty on all product repairs.

Screamer Electronic Services is now a global brand and represents all the major operators in Africa and Europe, addressing best in class practise’s whilst adopting the most logical solutions for its customers. Screamer Electronic Services has positioned itself as a low cost, high quality, best value organisation that offers a unique solution whilst providing a value-added option to operators.

Screamer Technology Services telecom electronic and optical transmission equipment test and repair service is able to offer savings on all repairs of between 30% – 60%, combining the expertise of our dedicated European repair facility with our more sophisticated repair centre’s in South Africa. The repair facilities are able to handle large volumes (over 80,000 pieces per month) of complex PC boards to component level including multi-layer, high-density SMT (Surface Mount Technology) from manufacturers including Ericsson, Hauwei and Nokia Siemens. All repairs are conducted to OEM specifications and under strict standards applicable to our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

  • Base station repairs
  • Digital equipment repairs
  • Electronic equipment test and repair
  • Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia Siemens
  • Microwave Repairs
  • Multi-vendor electronic equipment
  • Optical transmission equipment

Screamer have physical representation in:-

  • South Africa
  • UK
  • USA
  • MOST African countries

South Africa –  Eastern Cape – Free State – Limpopo – Mpumalanga – KwaZulu Natal – North West Province – Polokwane – Cape Town – Johannesburg – Nelspruit