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Reverse Logistics

Screamer Electronic Services is Southern Africa’s largest and most advanced reverse logistics company. We offer these services in North West Province, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Western Cape, Kwazulu Natal – KZN, Gauteng, Free State and Eastern Cape.

We support thousands of various customer’s product lines with our own state of the art electronic repair workshops and warehouses throughout Southern Africa to ensure that your clients get fast and efficient return and repair/replacement services.

We can stock your replacement parts throughout South Africa at our own warehouses that are specifically designed for high-end electronic products. Our field technicians will provide call out services to your clients and the faulty parts can then be returned to our field warehouses for onward transmission to your international offices, or they can be sent to our state of the art electronic workshops for repair.

If some of the world’s largest telecommunication hardware manufacturers trust Screamer Electronic Services to ensure that their Service provider’s networks meet their stringent SLA demands, then you can rest assured your customers are dealing with a world class reverse logistics provider.

The receiving, handling and repair of faulty stock is a very specialized process which requires very specific skill sets. Often faulty stock is dumped at a receiving warehouse and it is then left up to the store’s personnel to try and identify the electronic cards or components and manage the repair process.

This results in items being scrapped because they could not be identified, sent to the wrong OEM, damaged because of lack of anti-static procedures and also leaves the way for huge abuse of repair charges because the store’s personnel are not qualified to identify whether a specific repair was necessary or whether it was a repair that should have been covered by a warranty. Screamer Electronic Service’s reverse logistics service gives you better control of your assets and affords you the opportunity to focus on your core business, and offers, amongst others, the following high-level services:

  • Product identification and cataloguing
  • Repair identification and costing
  • Vendor / OEM management
  • Warranty repair tracking and reviewing
  • Item tracking and tracing through all areas of the repair process
  • Fault recording to access MTBF’s and latent defects
  • Warehousing, labelling and packaging of buffer stock
  • Transportation of repaired stock to satellite stock stations
  • The management of stock levels at critical points throughout the organization
  • Field collections and deliveries
  • ERP (BaaN and SAP) System Managed
  • Transport and routing both to and from the end user / Customer
  • Customer RMA management
  • 24 Hour standby and callout
  • Over the counter swop out to field service technicians 24/7
  • Reverse logistics services available in North West Province, Gauteng, Western Cape, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal, Free State, Limpopo and Eastern Cape