Refurbished and New Telecom Equipment Sales


Telecoms Spare Parts Refurbishment & Sales

Because Screamer handles and repairs so many Service Providers Spares and used Telecoms equipment, we have also built up massive stocks of refurbished telecoms equipment. If our customers want to scrap or sell any of their replaced equipment, they generally turn to us to refurbish and market it.

Unfortunately, when equipment is recovered from the field it isn’t always protected and tested and that is why Screamer provides such a perfect partner to dispose of their equipment. When we receive the equipment we subject it to rigorous testing including climatic chamber testing to ensure it will operate in the harshest of conditions. If faulty we repair it and all equipment sold is provided with a 12-month guarantee. This is the difference between Screamers Used Equipment and that offered by other brokers. In other words peace of mind!

For a sample of the equipment we currently have in our refurbished warehouse please scroll through the list below or search in the search box. If you would like us to source or refurbish any equipment please contact us here.

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